Jul 8, 2012
Kasavon (All reviews)
Toki no Maigo wo Sagashite wasn't how I usually find most short, BL manga. It had good progression in the story for the short span of time it takes to get to the climax and was also enjoyable along the way. I find that a lot of BL is very upfront and quick to cut to the chase (if you know what I mean ;)) sometimes making the story flimsy and with no depth. This is PARTLY the case as its pretty short and not exactly a lot of actual story but it's not a terrible start to something big.

Although it's only a 5 chapter manga, it's enough time to grasp and envelope the story. Akito who lost his memory is getting back into the rhythm of life and in doing so, comes across feelings and places that are familiar but he cant put a finger on them. Kou who harbors special feelings for him, is finding it hard to controll his ever growing feelings as he tries to hide them from Akito. But this story section isn't meant to tell you what happens but explain why or why not it was good or bad. I liked the story and could have easily read another 20 chapters about it, but making it short might have taken away from a great story base. I congratulate the Authors on a job well done although maybe more thought should have been placed into making it longer.

ART 9:
It was prettily done and had a great detail ON THE CHARACTERS why it didn't get a 10 was because I found scenery lacking in the detail the characters had. Other than that it was very good and defiantly added value to the manga.

Characters were drawn nicely and there personalitites had a nice match. We're unique in some ways but stereotypical and common in others. What I liked about Akito was that he was very natural most of the time. But then again in other places I would have liked some more excitement with this character as he always seemed jaded and in his own world. Koi I believed was played out very well, he was believable carefree on the outside but a little anxious and worried on the inside. Just as you would be after losing your memory.

I defiantly enjoyed reading this manga, the enjoyment will vary from person to person but I can say that there isn't 1 person out there that will absoulty and unconditionally hate this manga with all their heart. I can't say it added much value to my life nor did it change anything about me but it was fun and that's what this sort of manga should be like, FUN.

Overall it was a well developed BASE story and a reasonable short manga. I think this is another manga that you add to you reading or plan to read list simply because it was enjoyable, fun and rather light hearted.

Happy reading ^^