Jul 3, 2012
bluejay390 (All reviews)
I feel like this anime should have been longer. Things started to get pretty interesting plot wise in the last episode.

This anime combines two things that I love: a historical setting and books. The story is about Huey and Dalian as they go around collecting phantom books. Phantom books can be a variety of different types of books. They can make creatures from a book come to life, give a reader wisdom beyond their years, and anything in between. Some books are harmless while others can bring about distruction.

I felt like the plot was a little too rush and not completely put together. It jumped around too much between a few episods and never really tied everything together at the end. For example, new characters were introduced during one episode and when they showed up again at the end it didn't really answer who they were or why they were there. The anime needed more episodes to resolve the plot in my opinion because it felt like it wanted to have an overall plot and not just a short story for each episode but nothing really came together in the end.

The music and art are georgous though! I could listen to the Opening and Ending songs all day. The only issue I had with the art was that the backgrounds sometimes were photographs/images and not animated. It feels out of place to me; not enough to completely take me out of a story but it is still a little annoying especially since the animated parts of this anime were so beautiful and actually drawing out the backgrounds would have been just as beautiful.

Overall I did enjoy this anime and I hope that the story is able to continue with another season. I want to see what happens next!