Jul 3, 2012
ikasama-shoujo (All reviews)
Story: 9/10

Awww.. this is such a cute and very sweet oneshot! SERIOUSLY!! Very worth reading!

The story is simple but you will totally enjoy it. It's not the usual "Master and Servant" if that's what you're thinking because of the title.

More like, the story is about a kohai who is a freeloader on his senpai's house. And that kohai has feelings for his senpai. But senpai already has a girlfriend. But it turns out that the girlfriend was cheating on senpai and kohai comforts his senpai and confessed to him. Something like that.

Art: 10/10

Gyaaa.. I'm not sure why I gave it a ten but the art is really cute!! I guess I'm being biased because the art really reminds me alot of the 1827 (Hibari x Tsuna of KHR!) Doujinshi that I've read before. I forgot what title but the art is really the same!

Characters: 9/10

Aww.. they are such a cute pairing. I like the uke here. Not the annoying girly type. And seriously.. those two really looked like Hibari Kyoya and Sawada Tsunayoshi from that doujin.. though senpai (Seiji) is more on the harmless category.

Enjoyment/Overall: 9/10

I really loved this oneshot.. and I don't get tired reading it again and again. So funny and cute and fluffy!

Well this is a good start for those who wants to try yaoi. This oneshot is really not yaoi.. maybe soft yaoi.. and if you're looking for something fluff, sweet and cute short story.. then try reading this one!