Jul 3, 2012
FireFly1 (All reviews)
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia has a good take on the Romance genre, with the coupling between that of Teiichi, the average high school student, and Kanoe Yuuko, a ghost. Not only does the show have an interesting take on romance but it also shows how easy it is for people to trick themselves into being scared of what is not really there, which has to be what will overall separate this anime from the others.

Story: The story is what I said before, that of a romance between a normal high school boy and a ghost with the addition of human fear. The story progressed very well and I didn't really notice any filler, or at least didn't mind any that they threw in. It was fleshed out well and ended perfectly. The only thing that I did not care for was that at some points they seemed to back track because of a condition that you will learn that Yuuko has, but this was somewhat necessary to express the seriousness of her disorder. Only because the story does not go above and beyond will I leave this section with a 9/10

Art: Nothing special in this area. The artwork was consistent but it didn't seem to stand out as original. Not only that but I have seen better from a lot of other anime that I have watched from this year that stood above this one. Of course, it may just be my own favoritism towards certain styles. I will nail this section with an 8/10

Sound: This section stood out very well. Several points in the anime did I have to pause so that I could search for the songs used. The intro was great and the ending was good too, not only that but the background music was very noticeable and well done, which is why I will give sound a 9/10

Enjoyment: I enjoyed the anime a good amount. I didn't just burn through every episode in one day however. I watched the first couple episodes then came back to see the rest another day. At no part however did I force myself to move on, I chose to because I enjoyed it and wanted to see what the next episode had in store for our favorite ghost. I'll land this section with an 8/10

Overall: Well to get an overall look at the story, it performs all of the listed genres well, but when factoring in my personal enjoyment and preference in animation, its overall rating seems to suffer. I believe that many people could find this anime to be a 9/10 and some even a 10/10, so I recommend that you check it out but as for me, I'm going to give it an 8/10