Jul 3, 2012
FireFly1 (All reviews)
Sankarea is an interesting take on the genre of ecchi romance. It dares to do something different by adding the main character, Chihiro's, zombie fetish, which may be strange but is original. The show is a little better than your average ecchi romance and I would put its importance on your "Plan to Watch" section a little above those that you want to watch because you are bored but no above those that you definitely should watch.

Story: The story of Sankarea revolves around Chihiro, a high schooler that has a strange infatuation with zombies. As I said before, pretty original. The show brought up what it needed to and I don't think that there was more that needed to be added. At times it seemed a little slow, and at first I thought that they were avoiding the goals that they set forth but eventually Sankarea got around to them. It finishes strong and was pretty enjoyable, but since some episodes included a little filler here and there I will give it an 8/10

Art: The art was very nice, nothing original but I really liked its look. It was consistent and had no problems. However, I have seen better. The character design was very nice as well. Since it doesn't go above and beyond though, I will give it 9/10

Sound: Nothing noticeably good in this section, the intro and outro were good but nothing too special. As far as the background music, nothing that I can quite remember. I'm gonna stick this section with a 7/10

Enjoyment: Although parts of my review might seem like I thought of this series as an average anime, that is not how I feel. I enjoyed the anime at all times even when some episodes were slow, I kept moving forward without break out of enjoyment and wondering what would happen next. Although I cannot ignore that some of the aspects of the show were not to my liking. I'm going to put this at an 8/10

Overall: The anime was well done, could have been better but still well done. By how it ended I would expect to see a season two if the show does well enough. It was a good addition to the list of 2012 anime and the show has made me interested enough to look into the manga. As I said earlier, put this show above shows that you just want to watch in your free time. This show is not a waste of time like some other shows end up being but it is not going to make it into one of the anime that I look back on and say that I really enjoyed a ton despite not being a favorite unless they improve with the second season, which is definitely a possibility. For this section I will give the first season a solid 8/10