Jul 2, 2012
BishoooDuck (All reviews)
This wont be long , and dont read if u dont want spoilers , Its simply an advice not to read this

I dont mind love triangles , squares , whatever it is and I dont mind pulling my hair because of the situations that occur or tragedies or changes of the character's mind

[ Spoilers ahead ]

The thing is , The main character "Shuuka "is simply a slut , You can not enjoy a manga if the main character was unreasonable , ok am not against being with a different man in the manga all shoujos have those , but the way its brought in this manga totally ruined it , Like , Sorry again its a review but I must include this , As a warning , I wont say the end or names so u wont know , the main character flies from a man to another , sleeps with them all , ok we didnt reach the bad point yet , the bad point is that this happens every 3 chapters or so , and for no particular reason [ she slept with one of the love square because he brought her a nice table with food when she was tired ? ] totally unreasonable , dont be deceived by this manga , the story seems good and art is also good , but the 16 chapters were so fast and full with unreasonable acts , totally a waste of my time because I value a reasonable/logical events and conclusions , and totally hate too fast paced-lets finish it type , or maybe it wasnt the reason , just that the main character did too much unreasonable stuff .

In the end sorry again if u think those were spoilers , but they really weren't and you'll see what I mean from first chapters and simply dislike this manga , such a waste of time when u put high hopes for it , and again its my personal opinion , if u dont mind stupid moves and reasons and unexplained illogical events and conclusions , then by all means read it and enjoy it.