Jun 30, 2012
Floazian (All reviews)
Well first off I love ranma 1/2 so I would have watched this eventually but felt it was to much to go looking for it also there is no english subs for this, but even a newbie could get whats going on. Very much like Ranma 1/2: Tendou-ke no Oyobidenai Yatsura!(Another hard find where nabiki is home by herself recalling moments from the tv show) Soun and Genma have a fight when soun loses a shogi game which eventually gets changed to the main subject, discussing ranma's most memorable fights with them being the narrators. I would recommend this to no one because finding it can be the biggest pain I would like to say the ending is worth the trouble because what happens(Could be a spoiler) but it wasn't confirmed that it really happened. Would love this more if it did!