Aug 2, 2007
palladium (All reviews)
Inuyasha started off very well, it is fairly entertaining at the beginning of the series, with the story progressing rapidly at the start, coupled with lots of humour by Kagome. However, the series quicly deteriorated when the fillers start kicking in, and even in the later stages, many of the scenes and jokes were repetitive, not to mention the lack of plot development.Probably the only exceptions were episodes relating to Kagome\'s life in the present world - these episodes were definately worth re-watching.

After the intoduction of the fourth protagonist ( Sango), apart from a few side-stories, the plot essentially deteriorates into a viscous cycle. In a few occasions it seems there will be some new development, but I was dissapointed when the same-old thing happened again. The fillers were heavily Naruto-like, admittedly better.

Overall: I think the series can be alot better, but if you like extended series, this could be for you.