Jun 27, 2012
Sanders_Man772 (All reviews)
First I would like to make known that this movie is a masterpiece. Its animation is so vivid and colorful that the first five minutes of watching you will be amazed at what you are seeing including the environment in a whole.
If you all have seen the borrowers when you were younger like I have this is falling the same aspect, little people living their own lives trying to stay away from people and animals and borrowing food from humans that they will not notice has gone missing.
The Story is outstanding. The difficulties the borrows have with the humans, the animals and the conflict that expands between the humans and the borrowers is very emotional. The story in itself will keep you seated and wanting to finish watching.
Now let me discuss to you the art which to me is award winning. The graphic design and layout is award winning. Comparing the layout with the borrowers is amazing to see the world through their eyes. This movie is very colorful and magical in a sense.
Overall arrietty is enjoyable, lovable and sweet all in all. I'm sure all will fall in love with this colorful and fun animated movie.