Jun 22, 2012
TheIMF (All reviews)
Influenced heavily by Journey to the West, Dragonball follows the journey of the world's most popular anime and manga character of all time: Son Goku, the innocent yet powerful hero we follow on his adventures as he and his friends explore the mysterious world in search of the seven Dragonballs.

Contrary to common believe, Dragonball is not all about fighting. No, it is about much, much more than that. Dragonball is story of great adventure, friendship, pain and suffering and love. Most of today's seemingly generic morals in series such as "protecting nakama" or "never giving up" are derived from Toriyama's brilliance in this series.

In my eyes, Dragonball will always be the number 1 undisputed anime and manga series. It was the first of its kind to feature such a strong cast and plot in the shounen genre that it became an ambassadorial series to the world, creating conditions under which modern day series such as One Piece, Naruto and many, many others of all genres could thrive under.

As said previously, Dragonball has a strong adventurous plot and cast of characters, all of whom are very interesting and relevant to the story (an unfortunate lacking in the DB's sequel: DBZ). However, Dragonball's greatest charm is its setting, which greatly compliments the adventurous and rather ambitous plot written by Toriyama.

Dragonball takes place in a mysterious world filled with mysterious places and creatures and cohesions of real life cultures. Goku visits a great many strange and unusual places inhabited by strange and unusual people on his journies to collect the Dragonballs at first and later to become the Strongest Under the Heavens. For example, in one of the earlier episodes of Dragonball, Goku visits a village populated by cowboys and Indians (I should say Native Americans), a rather interesting and humurous occurence considering the world of Dragonball being quite futuristic over all, if not in most places. It is this unusualness, this incredible sense of awe and adventure that have made people love the series and its main character and thus made it easy for them to follow Goku's journey, during which we met creatures like Oolong and Puar and animals that could walk on their hind legs and speak the human tongue, and vampires, mermaids and zombies, mummies and androids and aliens. I could go on, but I believe I've already sketched you a painting of what it is I'm trying to convey.

Dragonball sets not limitations on the imagination of the viewers. It is truly a unparallled masterpiece in a league of its own. This is reflected in the fact that Dragonball, 30 years later, remains the highest selling manga series of all time with 300 million world wide sales to Once Piece's 228 million sales and Naruto 180-odd million sales.

I recommend all appreciators of manga and anime, new and otherwise, to at least make the effort of trying this great and wonderful series. Once you have watched this masterpiece, you will forever have a different view on manga and anime in general as this series immense influence becomes apparent.

Dragonball, without a doubt in my mind, is the greatest series of all time and deserves all the recognition it has been given and more.