Jun 22, 2012
KingsofLeon (All reviews)
I have been meaning to write a review for Mirai Nikki, but I just have not gotten around to writing it. You might ask, "Why?", which coincidentally happens to be the same question I asked (several times actually) while watching this anime. Now, that's not to take anything away from the anime, but you will find yourself saying "WTF did I just watch?" especially near the end lol.

Look, I know people will disagree with me, but I'm being honest when I say the anime isn't bad in fact its pretty decent except for a couple of areas.

Story - 7

Many people will score this low because of how it ended and the crazy roller-coaster of whatthefuckness that came along with it. However, I tried to analyze it based on the plot as a whole. The basis of the plot is very intriguing. You have the protagonist (I guess) who just happens to stumble upon the fact that he can tell what the future holds by reading his 'Future Diary'. What he finds out shortly after is that there are 11 others that have the same type of ability (more or less, it varies) and they must eliminate the others or be killed. That plot sounds really good and it is. I definitely enjoyed the first half or at least the first 15 episodes because of how well the story was developing. However, near the end of this storyline everything gets thrown together in a huge clusterfuck of "I just figured out the answer right now, I totally didn't pull it out of my ass lol" and "I'm going to do things I've never done before nor know about just to confuse you". It really throws everything off including the flow of the story...not in a good way.

Art - 7

Nothing too amazing, yet it wasn't bad. The action scenes were nice, most of the gore was censored so I don't know much about that. The thriller moments were executed nicely, you can see the facial expressions with ease.

Sound - 9

It's got a nice soundtrack including two really good opening pieces. One is by Faylan (named Dead End), which is really quite nice. It ties in with the art as well, just a great opening piece. It has great themes to fit each scene and they set the mood up each time. The voice actors or the Seiyuu are decent, the exception being the main character (lol), but I'll get around to that soon. Yuno's (Tomosa Murata) is great, I mean she's the best thing from this anime since she is the whole package. I'll explain more.

Character - 8

So your main character is Yukiteru Amano. Pretty much a pussy, that's all there is to say about him without going too far. He has his moments, but he's supposedly 14 so what do you expect? Alright next, the feature presentation, Yuno. She's the driving force of the plot and Yuki's life (or whatever). She's also fucking crazy. Honestly, when I started watching this I didn't understand WHY she was so attached to Yuki (She's a yandere by the way, not the exact opposite of a tsundere. More like a fucking crazy person attached to the protagonist) but now I understand. Essentially, to put it simply without creating too many loose ends she finds Yuki as the only person in her life and therefore is obsessed with him. She depends on him and uses him as a crutch, basically he supports her as a person and she can love him which keeps her crazy side at bay (but boy is she crazy). Other than that, you have your secondary characters, which have good development through mini arcs. My favourite (like many others) would be Minene. She's a cute badass, hehe.

Enjoyment - 7

Pretty good, but the end left a sour taste in my mouth. The ending was anticlimactic and although you may anticipate a wrap to all the events that doesn't happen. Other than the end, it was quite good. Lots of twists and turns throughout the storyline and it didn't get repetitive either like other plots similar to this one. All in all, a very good first half, but the conclusion weighed heavy on my overall enjoyment.

Overall - 7

I'm going to have to weigh the Story a little heavily than the rest and that's why it gets a 7 for me, but it really is a 7.5. I see people rating it 5 or 4 or whatever, personally I don't think it deserves a score such as that, but who am I to judge anyway. I can understand it because the ending is definitely frustrating, but it had the potential to be very good. If the main character was less of a bitch and more of a dude then it would have made it more enjoyable for sure. Nonetheless, I'm giving credit where credit is due, if you're into psychological/mental thrillers and don't mind some action avec gore then this might be your cup of tea. Just a warning: Whatever you think Yuno is, she's much worse, I've had several moments where I didn't think she would do that and then she did. That bitch cray.