Jun 21, 2012
MiyatouSeishirou (All reviews)
Hmm first off all i should apologise if i included too many spoilers although I'll try to reduce them as much as possible.

Hmm I'm not really into gender benders but i decided to pick this up because of a sudden interest in sports manga *cough* Kuroko No Basket * cough* even though I'm actually horrible at sports. I found the plot of this manga to be actually captivating to a certain extent and i was slightly touched by some of the scenes.

The characters of this manga were decent. Not really THAT unique but at least they're slightly better than average. I liked the character development quite a bit and also how they focus mainly on the ski jumping area while including romance and comedy in adequate but not so much that the manga becomes a romance comedy.

Another plus point is that although the main character from this manga is clearly better than average, she isn't too talented or unbeatable. I also liked how it showed the problems faced by athletes who end up losing major competitions such as constant bashing by others ( not that I'm a sadist).

Overall, this manga isn't extremely good or special but is still worth the watch if you have the sudden urge to read an interesting sports manga