Jul 17, 2008
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Wow... I must tell you before you read this review that it has been awhile since I watched Tokko.

I really do not think this anime has gotten enough love. It was actually a VERY great anime with a great story. Even though, it made me very upset that they ended it with pretty much... no ending. It was kind of just... over.

This anime... is not for little kids. Very bloody and a lot of swearing, but that was one of the reasons I liked it so much!

STORY: I think that this anime had an amazing story. I mean, sure it's kinda getting old, the whole, "My family died in this major massacre/accident and only I survived...". But, looking past that, the way Ranmaru deals with it and wants to right the wrongs is very inspiring. This is a story of... killing demons pretty much. But the creators of this anime made it more interesting than that. Because there are so many stories like this one, they had to do something to make it stand out from the rest. I think that the characters make this story. I'll get to that later, though.

ART: It's true... the main reason why people have not watched Tokko is not because the story is not amazing, but it's just because the artwork is not "blow me away" incredible. It's just... decent. The drawings have that kind of rugged look to them, which suits it well for a horror/slasher anime.

SOUND: The OP theme is TO DIE FOR! I totally adore it. It even put it on my I-pod. But don't listen too many times, or it gets stuck in your head forever... mwahaha! Throughout the anime, the sound is just... eh. Not too amazing. They do some cool background music I guess, but nothing that really makes you get into the story.

CHARACTER: This is where I belive Tokko excells. At least, with the main characters. Ranmaru Shindo is probably one of the coolest anime characters ever made in my eyes. He's hot, he's a policeman, and he has special powers that he doesn't even know about. Plus, he's got that traumatic past thing going for him. :) I dig that. It took me a few episodes to start liking the main female character, Sakura. First of all... the name Sakura is so over-used. But looking past that, she really turned out to be a great character and played a very important part in the story. Without her, Ronmaru would not have been as amazing. They were a great pair :) A few of the lesser characters (the male ones) where also great, but I'm not gonna spoil it for you. Sadly, the lesser female characters were semi annoying. Especially Ronmaru's younger sister Saya. But, she was important to the story and she made for some good laughs along the way.

ENJOYMENT: VERY enjoyable anime. I mean, who doesn't like hot men and women running around fighting monsters and cutting them up and swearing all the time? Cause I know that I like that sort of thing. There were some intense and emotional moments. Not very many laughs, but a couple popped out along the way. :)

Please tell people about this anime. It really needs more love. It was incredible!