Jun 16, 2012
EllenMelon (All reviews)
The story was perfect it made a lot more sense than Junjou and it had a lot more feeling to it. I loved the setting as well how it was set in a shojo manga department. The comedy in this series is so funny, how everyone is like dying at the department and the faces Onodera makes! It was a great story, long lost love, jealousy, romance. It was perfect.

The art is fair. It wasn't anything that stands out, other than the ridiculous faces Onodera makes XD, but it's not anything that would put you off watching it.

The sounds track was really good in my opioid. Well to be honest I didn't like the first opening song it sounded too cliché. But I LOVED the ending song and the second season theme songs. Also the songs throughout the series were cute too, fitting the scenes perfectly.

The characters were almost perfect. I mean Onodera was the cutest being ever but I got so confused with some characters like Kisa and Chiaki... They all look so similar! The seme's were super hot though..

I enjoyed this anime so much, like so so much simply because I am a HUGE yaoi fan. I loved it so much that I basically died when I finished watching it. It's a shame it's only 24 episodes because I loved it so much I had to continue it reading the manga and there are so many cute stories in there that should have been continued!

The only disappointment is that Onodera never told Takano that he loved him.. but the ending was super cute, the ending was perfect.

Over all: 9.8