Jun 16, 2012
new__raven (All reviews)
Story: 6/10
The story is not original. Period. But if you are the type of person who likes shoujo/slice of life/ cute girls/ fulfilling dream anime, watch this one. The story progressively gets better, a bit boring at first, but after....oops almost gave something away. Just trust me when I say it gets better.

Art: 9/10
The art was pretty good (I have high stardards, if I don't like the art, I don't watch it). They could have worked on the 3-D part a bit more though.

Sound: 9/10
I would've given the music/sound a 10/10, but the beginning music was too repetitive. In fact, the beginning episodes in general was repetitive. The background music, their show music, is all incredible though.

Character: 7//10
I've met many characters like the main characters in this story in other anime/mangas, but that didn't stop me from loving them. Some of the supporting characters, like Kaname and Rhythm's mother, make the story more interesting for me.

Enjoyment: 9.5/10
Again, I would have given this full points if it weren't for the repetitive-ness of the beginning episodes. Other than that, it was thoroughly enjoyable. I had my eyes flued to the screen for the last few episodes.

Overall: 8/10
I like it. It may not be original, but at least it kept me wanting more, and I enjoyed it. And that's all that matters.

Remember, this is just my own opinion. You are completely entitled to your own and don't have to agree with me.