Jun 15, 2012
legwkio (All reviews)
I'm kind of surprised that there is no review for this manga yet. So, in order to fix that, I'm going to write it one.

Mangaka-san is a humorous take on a proud-panties-loving mangaka's interactions with his assistants/editors/co-mangakas.

Being episodic in nature, usually composed of short chapters of 8 pages, it doesn't have story arcs. But, what it lacks on plot, it makes up with situations that give the reader a glimpse on what a mangaka's life is about. Piecing these different situations together and we get a clearer picture of what this manga is all about.

The illustrations might look simple but it is clean. It doesn't really have to look badass or complicated or anything. It's fine the way it is. Being easy to read is a strength that helps this manga's case.

Although the characters in this manga can be classified into stereotypes (tsundere, loli, etc.) they still have just enough depth and a few wrinkles on them to make us care about them. Plus, they cater to a lot of different audiences so I'm positive that everyone's going to find someone they like and root for.

The best thing about this manga is that every chapter is interesting and enjoyable. You might even spend more time laughing than actually reading the thing. Sure, some of the jokes are on the perverted side... But, who cares? It's very, very hilarious. I'm sure you'll find yourself laughing out loud as you read this manga.

All in all, Mangaka-san is a simple manga that caters to those who just want to laugh and have fun. Do you want to remove stress, forget about your troubles and enter a state of funny that will make you laugh like a crazy person? Then, by all means, read Mangaka-san!