Jul 16, 2008
verayo (All reviews)
D.C. II S.S., The real story of Da Capo II which makes the first season look like a filler. This is probably the last of Da Capo, and if not, this is surely the final story about Hatsunejima and its never withering Sakura Trees. A lot of things are explained here and it also shows some history. Most definitely a MUST WATCH for Da Capo fans.

The story is better than ever, but it's a little disappointing that the other things were completely left out. This is a very sad and lonely Da Capo. The undying Sakura Tree is at a most imperfect state, worse than ever before, but they can't wither it so easily just like they always did 50 years ago. It explains the existense of Sakurai, Yoshiyuki and also features his relations to Yoshino, Sakura and to his two step sisters, Oto-nee and Yume. The story is well written this time.

The art was fine. There are times when the animation is beautiful, there are times when its just okay and there are times that it looks a little bad and unnatural. Everything and everyone looked fine just like the first season, sadly, the characters are still not illustrated that well also like in the first season (they still have not so good side views), but it's not that bad, not so much of a major setback. The art still has a very good overall.

The sounds are as good as the first season. Everything blends well with the scenes with such beautiful music. The only problem here is that the OP and ED music are not that attractive. Most viewers would just skip it if they can.

The characters are the same as the first season but most of them are just background now. An unknown classmate is also featured a few seconds of air time with Wataru which felt like "eh?". Anyway, Yoshiyuki is not thickheaded anymore, but her sister Yume becomes the stubborn and irritating one this time in the early parts. Junichi is finally shown here which is great but Amakase will never be seen or heard of again, and so are the old characters.

This is now a serious show. It will only be funny on the first episode and no one will even attempt to hit Suginami anymore. Still, viewers will enjoy a fun start, a very dramatic continuation and a beautiful finish.