Jun 8, 2012
KuroYume-96 (All reviews)
We all know the original story: Alice falls into a bunny hole and finds herself in Wonderland...
There are hundreds of stories based on 'Alice in Wonderland', but from what I've seen, Heart no Kuni no Alice (together with Pandora Hearts) is one of the better ones. That was what I thought while reading the manga. I was pretty exited when I found out that they're making an movie. But perhaps my enthusiasm caused my disappointment.

Let me say this: if you didn't read the manga or didn't play the game you're not going to understand the movie. There's almost no story at all in it. You don't get to see how Alice got to Wonderland and her relationships with other characters isn't shown. And if you didn't read the manga it is hard to get where this movie is going

That is really a shame....
Because the characters are actually pretty awesome! But most of them hardly have any lines! For example Boris, Elliot and the Bloody Twins. In the manga they make me laugh all the time, but in the anime you're lucky if you see them just twice. This is really a shame. I really missed a plot in this movie.

Then why is my rating still 7?
Well...I loved to see these characters animated, especially Blood Dupre. The art was just beautiful! The music was also pretty nice.
And actually I did enjoy this anime (even thought it was pretty chaotic). But don't expect too much from it and please read the manga before you watch the anime.