Jun 7, 2012
HonestlyIronic56 (All reviews)
This anime receives an incredible amount of praise for what really isn't that good.

Now let me say, the Hellsing manga is one of the best I've ever read, up there with FMA, Death Note, and Deadman Wonderland.

But this anime is AWFUL.

Story-There are a lot of vampire anime out now (R+V, Blood+, etc.,) but the idea was somewhat new when the series premiered. However, the story in the anime is so drastically different than the manga it's disgusting. It's bland, uninteresting, and is all around unenjoyable. And don't get me STARTED on that ending. It's the worst I've ever seen in an anime.

Art-I like the character designs in the manga, but the shoestring budget for the anime packs a punch for what could have been could animation. It looks choppy, rushed, and unprofessional. I'm not expecting Cowboy Bebop here, but I want something tolerable to look at.

Sound-The music and voices aren't too bad, I give them credit.

Character-The badass and fearless characters in the manga are completely destroyed in the anime. They're very unlikable, and I always wanted them to be killed.

Enjoyment-this was painful to sit through, based on all the previous flaws I mentioned. I was actually going to give the overall score a 5, but that ending was so lame I knocked it down three points just because of it.

Overall, if you really want a Hellsing story, read the manga, it's far superior.