Jun 3, 2012
tsukiichii (All reviews)
Okay so this is my first anime review so sorry if i have any mistakes.

Gakuen Alice is story about a 10 year old girl who goes to a school for kids who has a magical powers called Alice.

At first Gakuen Alice might just be like any other Shoujo manga with a magical school theme (ex:Shugo Chara) but gakuen alice is different , it has interesting characters and some unexpected twist. What i was disappointed at was that the Anime was really short it didn't get to the other Arcs in the manga or the romance that had no progress. This might because they aimed the anime for kids from age 7-10 or something around that age group.

Story: 7/10
I would give the story a 7 because i felt that the story was unfinished and it's somewhat like cliffhanger yet its not.
The love triangle between Natsume, Mikan, and Ruka was left clinging , making people wonder what actually happened between them. Even though it felt unfinished i still like how they have some kind of action i guess and suspense. Also giving us a happy feeling.

Art: 6/10
I would give the art a 6 because it wasn't anything special yet it wasn't the most horrible. i cant really say much about art cause i didn't really pay attention to it.

Sound: 8/10
I would give the sound 8. The background songs they use were perfect during comical times and suspense. The Opening of the anime, i didn't really like it because it was kind of annoying to me but it was pretty decent. The Ending of the anime, was soothing and peaceful, i like it much better than the opening

Character: 8/10
Like any other Shoujo Heroines, Mikan is the Outgoing, Happy go lucky, cheerful, dense character
but what i like about her is, she's strong and when she was bullied she didnt just cry and stand there, but she fought back. Almost all of the character are interesting.

Her best friend Hotaru is not like any other best friend you see in animes, She would call names to Mikan, and ignore her, although she does all these thing Hotaru actually really cares about Mikan.

Another interesting character that all fangirls love would be the cool and mysterious Natsume. Natsume would be the kind bad-boy kind of type of guy, he doesnt care about anything and tend to not rely on anyone. Natsume actually has a very dark past that wasnt really told in the anime. Despite of everything Natsume has a lot of followers and a lot of girls that likes him.
At first you might come to hate a lot of character but then after some time you'll see that they're actually not that bad. There wasnt much of a character development, except Natsume and his relationship with Mikan. This might be because of how short it is.

Even though Gakuen Alice only had 26 episodes, i still quite enjoy it. I could've enjoyed it more if they had more episodes and put some of the other arcs in the manga, because i felt that the anime is like on 1/4 or even less of the manga.

Overall: 7/10
Like i said a few times already if they had more episodes and more depth i would gave it a 9. i suggest you to read the manga cause the manga is amazing , it has unexpected plot twist and more romance!