Jul 13, 2008
Ranivus (All reviews)
Story: 5 (Problem--> sad drama--> happy outcome, repeat)
Art: 8 (very clear, colorful and beautiful)
Sound: 6 (light hearted sound effects and music)
Character: 9 (Only 2 characters but you feel for them deeply)
Enjoyment: 2 (one tragic story after another hurts my soul)
Overall: 30/50 = 6.0 (I've cried too many times to admit)

Theres a lot of things you can make fun of for being poor. And like in real life, it makes me feel bad watching what is essentially a situational drama about two sisters who are poor with a dead mom and a deadbeat dad. It's such a tragic type of drama some people can't be bothered with. Because the girls always have an optimistic view about everything and any poor problem that they face ends up somewhat comical at the end. Of course with being poor theres drama, but for some reason the drama is kind of comical in a pitiful sort of way. Don't get me wrong I can actually relate to some of the situations they face. But it doesn't help that during the 'commercial breaks' they show ways on how to save money. I didnt know i can make a 2nd sandwich out of bread crumbs. Also, at the end of every episode, ends the same... it all manages to work out somehow.

As for the animation quality, you would think this would have a 'poor' quality. But actually its really above average. Static characters are drawn all the way with color. The binbou sisters are so gaddamn cute it'll make anyone sad with wonder on how such a tragic problem ever fell on such cute girls. But they do many impressive tricks throughout the shows like rotating camera angles, sweeping camera angles, etc. The art really does enhance the drama of the show and emphasize how poor these girls are.

The music are all covered with typical light piano + string quartets running most of the emotional pull and the do it very well. Everything else sound wise is there nothing is done wrong. Even the voice actors impressed me.

Whenever Asu opens her mouth you just cant help but push your cheeks together and go "OMG HOW CUTE!" They do a real good job on the chemistry between the sisters. You almost feel as if you're right there struggling with them.

But then again, this show is dealing with some hardcore serious issues. Like paying the rent, working two jobs to survive, how to ration water, how do you go to the hospital with no money, how do you eat with no money, how do you deal with a dead mother, the list can go on forever. If they wanted to they could make this into a 50 episode series. I don't mind being depressed watching anime because of some turn of events, but when the whole show is just one giant depression after another it wears on you. Its a good anime if you enjoy train wreck stories. Unfortunately this isn't the train wrecks I enjoy watching.