May 27, 2012
animelover4ver (All reviews)
This manga's story line is very unique. I've read quite a bit manga from various genre, lengths, and styles so far in my life, but I don't recall a single one really similar to Cerberus Jam. The blend of action, suspense, comedy, etc was so savory that not only do I want to reread it but buy my own copy-though I don't even know if they sell translated copies (- - ; Anyway, the art I really loved. The mangaka drew them so skillfully. The expressions of the characters faces were depicted so well! As for the characters not too creative personality-wise. Though to me they seem relevant in the story line. I'm not saying they're bad or annoying , they're still quite likable. Now for the over all enjoyment mainly applies to how I was saying the blend of blah bla blah was magnificent. Really is was how you get some good laughs and action too for example- unless you're really hard to amuse. I've heard and read how readers wish or were upset that is should've been longer, but I think its great the way it is. Like how Alice went to wonderland and come back with a different view of mind or whatever. Its the same in this story, you were just an ordinary person nothing is wrong with you or your life suddenly taken to an unknown, different world. You experience and learn something that comes only once in a lifetime. I recommend this to readers who enjoy a good story, not caring about the length, popularity, or perfection.