May 26, 2012
Usogui (Manga) add (All reviews)
Takashi_XIII (All reviews)
Usogui- A manga which I believe truly lacks recognition.

Story (7): The story which mostly focuses on the main character (Bak Madarame) dealing with different types of gambles which reflects just how much of the genius he is.It wasn't really the first in its category but it certainly had a lot of unique aspects such as a range of different types of gamble games which have been explained simply but you can understand enough for you to grab hold of it. Another thing I enjoyed about the story is that it introduces few new characters throughout to balance the tension and show the thoughts of the game.

Art (8): The thing I enjoyed about the manga quite a lot was definitely the art. It really focuses on showing the characters expressions and their feelings through it which you can't seize to admire. The art also makes those few fighting scenes really stand out because of its extraordinary detail. There were some flaws such as lack of detail on some parts which didn't have much influence but that would just probably count as me trying hard to find flaws for it.

Characters (9): The best thing about this manga for me was most likely the characters, well one in particular. The main character isn't you're typical type of guy who has a lot of worries for the decisions he makes or usually is to scared to do anything about anything. This character really doesn't have any fear in near death situations, what he feels from them is probably just sheer excitement. His mentality works well even in the most dangerous situations. Bak is also made so that he can come across as different type of guy which ever you want. If you want him to be evil there are quite a lot of scenes which illustrate him being that but there are a lot of scenes where he is shown to care for others.

Enjoyment (8): There isn't much I can say in terms of enjoyment. This manga should be read if you still haven't read it because it might be a different style than something which you usually would be reading. There are quite a lot of enjoyable scenes for different types of people out there so the manga should appeal to quite a big audience.

Overall (8): Overall I have no regrets reading this manga and it really wasn't a waste of time even if it did take me quite a while to read through those chapters. Hope you read this and create a positive opinion about this manga.