Jul 28, 2007
meiaminkbell (All reviews)
Happy Lessons: Finals, takes what two TV series and an OVA did very well in accomplishing, and DESTROYS IT!

Art and Sound are as beautiful and intricate as the previous and have no complaints about.


Here\'s how you sum up Happy Lessons, and Happy Lessons: Advance. Chitose Hitose, an angry, young man who lost his family years ago, finds hiimself the "son" of five teachers at his high school. And for 30+ episodes, they are his teachers, and his "mama\'s". Nothing sexual implied (except for the occasional fanservice goodness that even Chitose doesn\'t recognize), nothing implied that their relationship is anything other than a son and his mother\'s. And it did a VERY GOOD JOB! The focus of the story was about family, it was about what the term family meant, and shows that it\'s possible to love someone not-blood related if they were.

And Finals DESTORYS IT! It successfully demolishes what all previous series did well. Everything that happened from the beginng of HL to the end of HL:A is thrown to the way-side and they basically say none of that ever happened. They throw away the premise for an ending to a multiple girls-one guy show that could have turned out to be spectacular, and instead they go with the typical "harem" ending.

Gone. Completely gone. It\'s as if those months of those five treating Hitose as their son never happened, and although personalities stay the same, their attitudes don\'t and it\'s very disturbing.

I couldn\'t enjoy this, because as I keep mentioning, for 30+ episodes I had it EMBEDDED in my mind that their relationship was of mother(s)-son and didn\'t even stray from any other course. And when they end it, all I can go is "But they\'re his mama\'s! EWW!"

I am well aware that this is based off an ero-game, however, that doesn\'t excuse this shoddy excuse of an ending to an otherwise fantastic show. Give or take the previous series, this doesn\'t live up to what HL and HL:A did so well in. If you want your typical "harem" ending, then go here. Otherwise, pretend HL:Finals never happened and make up your own ending to the series.