May 19, 2012
Soil (Manga) add (All reviews)
lilytenjouXP (All reviews)
I have to say, this is my first time reading something like this... It's what you called DIFFERENT.

The story is based on your, kinda mystery a bit of detective like genre and starts off with a missing person. It then carries on and gets intense as strange things start to happen to the two detectives that have came to investigate. The unexpected and did i read right that 'aliens' called the 'foreign organisms' have like came to invade this town called 'Soil''? It makes you think...

WTH is wrong with this town?

I rated this a fair, as the plot does make sense but some of it don't and is completely random from time to time. Sometimes i wonder. "What is going through this author's mind"

I've given the art an 8 a very good since the drawing style of this is very unique. It's kind of like manga.. but then again it gives of the feel of a comic. The lines and textures are very computer like than your average pencil free kind of look. It's hard to explain if you haven't read it or seen it.
It really depends on what you like. Since i've been reading it for a while, i got use to this authors drawing style and honestly it has grown on me.

Well for the characters i have rated a 4... They are decent but none of them really did appeal to me as much. The characters are actually all unique in their own way and i find that very interesting. The way each character has their own special 'aura' given off. The artist really makes each character different and you can tell.

But i have to say for the characters 'personality' for each of them... differ from one to another.
when you read something that you don't want your parents reading with you then you know that feeling.
From the beginning i didn't really like how the characters interacted with one another, it was like a swearing competition between the two detectives which kind of did but me off but i still read on LOL

Again with another 4. Not very enjoyable but it does keep you on edge sometimes, like when say...
Another 'foreign organism' appears your going to be like 'Oh what's goning to happen now' but too much happens and too fast and it sometimes just leaves you thinking. 'what just happened.. I don't get this at all' it really puzzles me sometimes.

I would have given it a 5.. and a half
It's something different and 'quite refreshing' in some ways instead of always reading shouji kind of based manga. I would definitely give this a try, some of the contents in it is not suitable for under 15's i'd say because this is a really whacked out supernatural horror manga.
*With a few sexual content but no where near smut*

I wouldn't say i like it, nor would i say i hate it, depends on your love for manga and taste in manga. I would recommend this if you love horror, supernatural and twisted stories, this could be the one for you or you would drop it in a puddle of mud and stomp on it because you think it's very disgusting.

Give it a try, if you dare ;)