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May 18, 2012
INKO The Sleazy Family 2 is the sequel to INBO The Sleazy Family.
You should know that it's three 10minute episodes. They could have just made one 30minute episode, but whatever.

I think Inko lost track of the plot. I thought it was about family members having sex but Inko is about a manager having sex with the female employees. Well at least the sex scenes were good.

The link that Inbo(1) shares with Inko(2) is that Masaru from Inbo is in it, he is mentioned throughout the series and appears in the last episode. In the last scene of Inbo Masaru receives a mysterious call, this call is explained in Inko.

Also for you guys (and girls) who like nerdy, glasses wearing, shy girls in hentai then this one has a special treat for you.

When I watched the first episode at first I hated (and envied) the manager. i thought he was a cruel person. But in the end he helps the shy girl be with the man she loves.
Good ending.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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