May 7, 2012
xRZx (All reviews)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann also known as TTGL is a wonderful anime with almost every touch of anime inside drama,action,fun etc.
This anime could be considered as one of the top 50 anime that have been
posted on the internet,because of its animation,vocal and story.
I would strongly suggest you to watch this anime if you are into mecha/action anime.Also this anime has some kind of anarchy in it based on one of our main characters Kamina which is going to be the leader of Gurren Lagann.
His strong determination,guts and leadership are leading him and Simon a low-profile kid,into lots of adventures while they're coming up with some strong enemies but some reliable and strong companions too.
The mecha side of this anime isn't like Eureka 7 (which history is much better) but I would suggest it if you love mecha action.