May 7, 2012
Kathykins (All reviews)
This is my first review, so bare with me please. This will be based on the first 6 episodes released so far.

Hiiro no Karera got my attention when it came out. It is a reverse harem, so you would say it's more for the ladies than the gentlemen. Consisting of 26 episodes in total, the story is really slow paced. Though, I'm a big sucker for reverse harem anime. Just to start off, this anime is based off an otome game ("An otome game (乙女ゲーム otome gēmu, lit. Maiden Game?) is a video game that is targeted towards a female market")

The main heroine is one damsel in distress. Tamaki is a descendant of the "Tamayori Princess" who possesses great power, but through out the six episodes released, there's not much power in there yet. Who knows when she'll get her powers when there's 26 episodes?

Story: 8/10. If you do not like slow paced anime, I would not recommend it. The action of the anime is really slow, but the fight scenes are really well done.

Art: 8/10. Yes, the monsters pretty much looks dull if you watched the first episode, but the fight scenes are well made. I wouldn't compare it to a Fate/Zero or a Fate/Stay Night fight scene, but it is kinda close to it. There's a lot of details!

Character: 8/10. They all have different personalities, plus the characters are also well drawn. You may find the main heroine a bit tad annoying though... It does seems that later on, the anime will have some kind of romance. Because let's face it...there's like 5 men and one lady.

So far, I am enjoying the anime. I do agree that the first episode was a bit disappointing, but I forced myself to watch the second episode. If you liked reverse harem like Neo Angelique, you might like this anime too. People would say this anime is for female, but I do say that the guys would enjoy the anime too.

I've come to love the music of this anime after watching the 11 episodes that are released now. The other reviews for this anime are pretty right. The anime is REALLY slow, but it seems to get better. They could develop it faster, but I feel like if they did, the anime would only be like 12 episodes and really fast paced.