May 2, 2012
ADD_HReviews (All reviews)
Total Sex Scenes: 8
Sex Scenes Per Episode: 2
Sex Scene Duration: Very Short < 1 minute
Episode Sex %: 5% (%95 story)
Bouncy Breasts: No
Audio (moaning, crying, etc): Noisy
Anal: Yes(2x)
Group: Yes(1x)
Consensual: Yes(6x)
Rape: Yes (2x)
Finish on Girl: No
Finish in Girl: Yes(8x)
Swallow: Yes(2x)
Spit: No

Annoying Dude Running His Mouth Constantly Through The Scenes: No
Time spent shooting mostly male, ignoring female: No
Wooden Mormon-Style Sex: No

Central theme
Regular Girls (Slender young adults)

X-Ray: Some
Pregnant: None
Tentacles: Some
Bondage: Some
Futanari: None
Lactation: None
Monsters: None
Twins: None
Bestiality: None
Birth: None
Torture: None
Gore: None
Stomach Deformation: None
Magical Girl: None
Kunoichi: A Lot

Single Paragraph Mini-Review:
This is a sad example of either exploiting a popular franchise or trying to "branch out" from being a sex based series. They virtually eliminated the sex scenes, leaving only a cheesy early 90s anime series. Which I will say is roughly as good as standard fare back then(which is to say unwatchable garbage). La Blue Girl and Returns are good, especially for their era. This one is not.

Biased opinion: Boring. Pass it up.

Mission Statement: ADD_HReviews cares only about sex scenes and female characters because it is my opinion that Hanime is largely unwatchable garbage. I review sex scenes, drawing, audio, etc. Never the 'funny' or 'deep' "plot".