Jul 3, 2008
Kit-Tsukasa (All reviews)
I was a bit uneasy coming into Da Capo II Second Season. Da Capo II first season left a bad taste in my mouth with very little plot development and really unentertaining. Similarly Da Capo Second Season did the same. Nevertheless, I sat through the 13 weeks of the show and although it was a bit of a slow start at first, it really picked up half way through the series. The last few episodes really were emotional and by far the best Da Capo episodes in all 4 series.
Story: Slow start, but really developed afterwards. There were a few plot holes though that I continued to remain unsatisfied with.
Art: wasn't great, but it may just be the raw and subber quality I was watching, but there was a huge difference in the last episode and thus I give it a 7 rather than a 5 since once I get my hands on the DVD version, it will be far better than what I was watching most of the time.
Music: in Da Capo II in general, music pieces were just spectacular and I'm still dazzled by it. The bgms were great when coming to the emotional points of the show.
Character: Not as much development, but really dwelled on Otome, Yume, and Yoshiyuki, which gave it the nice emotional touch when the plot really developed.
Enjoyment: Would have been great if more Nanaka was shown. I really was looking forward to her since her 50 year older grandmother was like the star of the first two seasons. Plust Nanaka is just as attractive, but really didn't get much screen time, so :P 9.
Overall: Probably the best Da Capo season out of all 4. Possibly on par with the first, but in general, it really had its high points compared to the rest and really stood out. Not as great or outstanding as some other series, but it's definetely worth watching and I'm glad I didn't really waste all those times watching the previous Da Capo series now.