Apr 24, 2012
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Normally I wouldn't bother writing a review about a hentai series. Comparatively speaking, it's like reviewing a 5 minute porn clip. Not much to review right? Well no, not exacly you see once in a while you stumble upon a hentai with a decent story and you're compelled to write a review about it, especially if no one has done it yet.

Also before I continue I should mention that this is a purely vanila series meaning no tentacles, no bondage toys or other stuff like that despite the fact that the cover shows a girl tied up in chains. Believe me, most of this show focuses on rather normal sex (apart from one scene).

Right then, the story. As I said very realistic. We follow the life of a young guy named Takashi, he goes to college, does his homework on time and generally looks like an average guy. There is of course a twist in the story. Takashi lives with his more successful brother Satoshi and his wife, Miwa. It also happens that he's in love with Miwa and envies his brother's success in life.

Things seem to be boring for takashi as he goes about carrying out his daily chores until one day when he stumbles upon his drunk and vulnerable teacher. She was dumped by her boyfriend and Takashi, being the gentleman that he is, takes her home. We all know what happens when they get there. Possible? Of course it is! What's more is that from that moment they develop a master-student relationship whereby the teacher agrees to introduce young Takashi to the world of sex. As it turns out Takashi has a real talent and before long things start to develop between him and a number of other women, including Miwa.

Moving on, the sound was alright, could have been better but I'm not complaining. Again, it's the story that really matters here. Likewise art was good but it wasn't anything... breathtaking, if you excuse the pun.

All in all, for a 2 episode Hentai I was suprised how well the story worked. The makers had just 1 hour to pull it off and they did. This series goes for realism first and if you're a fan of realistic settings and believable plots then this is the hentai for you. Look no further.