Jun 30, 2008
PimpToad (All reviews)
The continuation of DCII, DCII:SS follows the story of Yukimura Anzu, Asakura Yume and Otome, and the mystery surrounding the Magical Sakura Tree.

While DCII caters towards the fans of certain characters, DCII:SS follows the mold of what made the original Da Capo great. Like its predecessor, the story revolves around the mysterious events in the island of Hatsunejima. Although unlike the original Da Capo, the male lead has TWO 'sisters' that are very close to him. Drama ensues...

The character designs for DCII:SS is magnificent, especially those of Shirakawa Nanaka. The actual animation leaves much to be desired, but it is acceptable and in no way hampers the experience of watching the show.

Melodrama, a theme that is synonymous with Da Capo. Although somewhat overused, the timing helps accentuates certain key situations in the anime. I consider the actual background music somewhat average compared to its Visual Novel counterpart, but there are no complaints on this end.

Then we have our characters plus generic male harem lead. That itself isn't really fair to Yoshiyuki, who received a much needed boost in terms of personality this season. Even if he is still lacking, the huge improvement made me forget the train wreck that is Season 1 Yoshiyuki. Of course it wouldn't be a harem series without our cute bishoujos! If you expect more development from Koko, Minatsu, and Nanaka, then you are watching the wrong show (sadly).

I started watching Season 2 with great anticipation and I leave it fully satisfied. It stayed true to its source material and I believe that is what makes a great Visual Novel adaptation. Those who aren't overly fond of melodrama and the somewhat predictable plot, then this isn't the show for you. If you have watched the previous season, then I highly suggest that you watch this post haste unless you want to keep that bitter taste in your mouth after seeing a train wreck.

I hope those who read this consider DCII:SS, an anime worthy of the Da Capo name! (Feel free to forget about DCII)