Jun 25, 2008
Alexius (All reviews)
Whereas I had watched the movie because of its high recommendations, I was disappointed to find out that Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo is very lacking in many regards, in my opinion.

The story wasn't very new (character finds out can travel back or forth in time, uses it, abuses it, and learns - the end), but I did enjoy the approach taken by <i>this</i> particular anime. Featuring some interesting plot developments and approaches to how the time travel was "invoked," it did feel fairly fresh. However, other than that, most of the development in the film was mainly comic relief and I didn't feel like I got much from the story. What truly disappointed me most about the story, however, was its ending. The plot twist which was introduced also introduced with it a myriad of plot holes and inconsistencies which I felt very letdown by because of the earlier lack of them. Additionally, the ending just did not suit me and the way the conclusion of the story changed the main character seemed fairly ... hollow. I won't say anything else other than that, but for those who have seen this movie:

I didn't really understand the sudden hollowness we find from Chiaki's character at the end of the movie. His motivation to return to the future was very foolish, in my opinion, and lacked any true explanation for it. What was he going back to if he was losing what seemed to be something extremely precious in the present? I felt his going back was simply a badly used plot device to "change" the main character and their coming together would have achieved that same sort of thing much better.

I suppose you can make your own conclusions about that.

Continuing on, I felt that whereas the story seemed somewhat mediocre, the art in this movie was pretty special. Featuring what seems to be simple character work, yet extremely detailed environments, you begin to feel sort of immersed into the characters because of discerning features, particularly of their personality, rather than by simply their appearances alone. I actually felt the artwork was very easy to watch and very crisp and clear.

The sound utilized in this movie was pretty good. Character sounds were clear and distinct and there weren't any parts of the movie where I felt that the music interfered, but neither were there any parts where I felt the opposite.

In respect to the characters, I believe that they were very fleshed out in general and that all of the facets we see of them were very intriguing. However, the character development is what made me decrease this score so. I felt that the development that was apparently supposed to be experienced by Makoto was badly done, and that the conclusion failed to really deliver to me the realism or achievement that was done on her and her character's behalf.

Overall, I enjoyed the first hour or so of this movie immensely because of its fresh and interesting approach and delivery. The last bit, however, disappointed me and made the story and everything else feel... incomplete and not satisfying.