Apr 2, 2012
phoenixflair (All reviews)
I don't write a lot of reviews, and this isn't much of a review as it is a warning, so bear with me.

To start things off, do NOT start this amazing story by watching the OVA!!! The first scene is 58 chapters is, and even though i'm 60 chapters in, I still haven't gotten to the arc the ova is on! The ova tries to show the back story with fragments of flashbacks, but they don't explain much of anything! Read the manga first to even understand what's going on! Or wait to see if there is an actual anime adaptation. Right now, the OVA just spoils everything.

Aside from that, this series has a pretty generic plot overall, but what I like about it is the almost realistic responses of the characters. I have been in situation similar, and thought almost identical. Being only one episode so far, there isn't much to go on for all the ratings of the anime alone, so most of my views are overshadowed by the manga.

Overall, this is a very interesting romantic manga, although the story may bite most people as generic. If you're a sucker for romantic story, this is a very good story.