Apr 1, 2012
ResoluteDreamer (All reviews)
Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun is as generic as generic harem come. When you have trouble remembering character's names by

episode 6, you know that a show is generic. Compared to other harem anime that I have seen, the pacing was not as sharp,

the humor not as funny, and secondary characters bland.

An especially large flaw I found was that there was there was no chemistry whatsoever between Ninomiya and Tsukimura, the

main couple. Really, I could not really look forward to any of the interactions between the characters, except perhaps

between Ninomiya and Reika, the second lead girl.

Apart from issues of characterization and progresion, I found the overall compsition to be lacking. For instance, the music

was quite forgettable, neither the OP nor ED stood out, and the background music did not contribute much at all to

atmosphere, although it didn't detract either. The art style was also very generic; none of the characters stood out

visually at all.

I found Ninomiya to be overall, a very underwhelming generic harem anime.