Mar 31, 2012
ilustrIsImo (All reviews)
I was drawn into watching this anime because of three reasons.
1. Yoko Hikasa, Aki Toyosaki, and Kana Hanazawa were cast in it
2. Ririchiyo Shirakiin looked cute
3. The picture I saw hinted at romance

I liked how the animation style switched between normal and chibi to make the funny moments even funnier. The story was mostly fun and light-hearted and was not about fighting like I was expecting. They only had to fight three or four times and they were not that serious. The story did not have that many screwed up events in it. The worst one concerned Miketsukami but it wasn't as bad as other good shows I've seen. (Gosick had worse for example)

This anime pushed all of my buttons. It was cute. There was romance. There was just the right amount of sex appeal, which was centered around Ririchiyo Shirakiin's cleavage and was sprinkled with Nobara being a creeper and Chino's chest.

The character designs were excellent. I loved how unique and sometimes stupid, in terms of fighting ability and functionality, their transformations were.
My favorite characters were Ririchiyo, Karuta, and Chino. I see myself in Ririchiyo Shirakiin but instead of doing that annoying, uptight "humph" before every conversation, I don't say anything. We both have trouble saying what we mean and are honest when we write.
I like Karuta Roromiya because of her voice and her love of food. Her throwback form is unexpected and awesome.
I hated and liked Kagerou at the same time. I hated him for the type of person he was but liked and laughed so hard at him because of how he flaunted it. I've wondered what it would be like to be classified by him. I have an idea of what he would say...
Chino was so cute. She acted cute, her other form was so cute, and I could hear and see Yui.
The other workers at Maison de Ayakashi are diverse and funny.

I usually don't like songs sung by guys but the opening song, Nirvana by MUCC, is good. Most of the ending songs are awesome, especially sweets parade. SM Hantei Forum made me laugh so hard.

The ending made me so happy because I enjoy a good romance and it left the story wide open for development. Out of the dozen shows I followed this season, Inu x Boku SS is my favorite. Season 2 Please.