Jun 24, 2008
X (Anime) add (All reviews)
night-hawk01 (All reviews)
X is a very mystyrious and drama-heavy anime, coupled with nice action scense's.

The Story focus on the first episodes on Kamui who wants to get a sword that belongs to him, passed down from his mother, but gets drawn into a fight of the destiny of the earth. With him as the key to it apperently.
When put like this it doesn't sound like much but add to that some very interesting twist and turns that can glue you to the screen and you get something that you want to see the end of no matter what.

The art is done very well, with nice backgrounds that don't draw to much attention away form what is actually happening and very nice details which together make this anime very nice to look at

the music in my opinion is chossen very well in the dramatic moments, but the fight music is at best anticlimatic and sounds like your playing some videogame sometimes, but only when you have a fight that hasn't some kind of drama in it. again drama-moments are very well done in this one.

The characters are split in two categories: in one can we put the to main chara's... with development, emotions and all that portrait so realitic and believable that it can overshadow the, rather poor, suppourtcharaters that the authors were trying desperatly to give some dept but faild half way through.

All in all the anime is really worth it to at least watch once in your life, even if you aren't a fan of emotinal animes and such.