Mar 30, 2012
ramimanify (All reviews)
Spoilers ahead

The only thing i am gonna give this show a credit for is art
other than that it was all a waste
I am actually quite glad that my previous reviews of black lagoon part 1 and 2 were of similar proposal
and all in all the show in itself sucked, the characters sucked, the director failed to deliver a sense of realism to it(sure everyone can die in the unforgiving hell of Roanapra but not one fucking main character dies how convenient), the tragedy implemented was a joke
and to top it off (U.S) army major actually cares about some stray kid with a grudge due to a past operation (what a load of bullshit)
Revy is useless, i honestly don't see why such a character even existed
Rock is so boring he makes you wanna kill yourself while watching
Roberta is just pathetic, (after she kills off nearly all the american soldiers, they let her go because the drama says it is ok)
AND YET she cannot kill neither Revy nor the Chinese (yes it is) woman when she is mad or whatever

totally unreliable story-telling, totally un-interesting scenario, and a major fail for all the action scenes that started with a splash of blood, only to end up in a happy (no worries the heroes are ok) ending

absolutely hated it, I'd rather watch Inazuma Eleven