Jun 22, 2008
MaximumRider (All reviews)
STORY: Overall, the story was pretty good. I find that altogether the story is pretty heartwarming, and pretty easy to understand. One thing that disappointed me was that, in the end, an event takes place, (I wont mention how far towards the end, or who), that really leaves you hanging, mainly because a lot of this is going on during the main story. Other than that the story was great!

ART: The art was alright, I mean the movie was 2003, and this is 2008. There has been a lot of change since then. I give it an 8 because I'm sure they used the best of their abilities to make the art as it was.

SOUND: The sound of everything in general was just fine. But I think where Tokyo Godfathers failed, was in the actual music. They attempted to insert music in the movie which was actually very good-if you could hear it. They made voices and other sounds a lot higher than the music. To me it sounded more like a radio playing somewhere in the distance. But in general the sound was good.

CHARACTER: The characters were really good, they all had very well-played emotions. Most importantly of all the fact that one of them was a transvestite was pretty hilarious, (The character himself, not transvestites in general, in case anyone takes offense). The roles that they each played they played very well, and there actions were also entertaining.

ENJOYMENT: I really enjoyed all except the part towards the end which was kind off dissappointing, considering theres a lot about it during the story.

OVERALL: Overall, it was, once again, really good. One thing that I would like to point out however, is the movies rating. I just dont think PG fits its description. Even the TV rating was "Movie/PG-13". And I can easily understand why. They do sware things such as the following: Faggot, Bullshit, Saggy nipples, and some other things as well. So really I would give it a solid rating of "PG-13+"