Mar 22, 2012
Foxsynyu (All reviews)
"Sometimes the things that you don't want people to see in life make you stonger, smarter, and sometimes can make you fall in absolute love."

One day, I was looking for a good romance. Classy, sweet, funny, and hot all at the same time. Where would I find such a ridiculous anime like that? That could give me all of those features and I would find it memorable? Maid-sama has certainly pulled it off.

How many of you can say you hate that one guy in the class just because he annoys you, he's almost close to perfect, and he's popular? Those type of people are so annoying because they always seem to get the best of you. Why? Because you never measure up to him and certainly not date them. But those are the type of situations that strike up the most wild roller coaster relationships that will make the viewer laugh, smile, frown, and fell remorse all at the same time.

The story is a little of a cliche taking a girl who is so headstrong, independent, and smart into a high school of mostly boys. She can't officially get a boyfriend because all of the boys are mentally scared of her. Now, here comes the (DING) perfect, hot, sexy boy who secretly falls for her. And in almost every episode you can find them fighting or battling over some sort of thing that brings them closer every time. It was kind of unoriginal but this is one heck of a joyride! I loved almost every second of it and not once did I yawn, which I do in most serious romances. This is truly funny! (& I'm not one to laugh out loud at much Anime)

The art was fantastic, it's not out of this world great but the design of everyone was great. The sound was kind of a blah, especially the opening buy hey we can't always get everything under the tree! The characters are average but for the girls Usui is very attractive that you will find yourself drooling for the dang guy!

The enjoyment was great, just pure awesome. It gave everything I wanted to see in a romance. Because real life romance do have funny, love and hate relationships and whether we like it or not, there will be someone you can't absolutely stand but at the end of the day you'll find yourself saying "Hey, he really isn't that bad".

(Note: For those of you who think this is like Kimi ni Todoke... I warn you IT IS NOT for various reasons. One it's a comedy and two the girl isn't shy!)

Thank you for reading! :)

Kina-kun signing off!