Mar 16, 2012
Oveneise (All reviews)
After watching several episodes of an amazing anime such as this one, I feel compelled to write a review on it. Black*Rock Shooter is, without a doubt - the greatest piece of media ever to grace the screen. When it comes to studios with the greatest reputation for making quality art, Studio Ghibli almost always shows up on people's lists - but the question is: why? Just because some movie was animated all by hand - something rare nowadays, and hours spent coloring people's little faces and adding cats in every movie? Why would I want to watch THAT when I could spend my time watching half naked chicks fight in checkerboard land? PLUS, they're 3D! When I see people asking others, "What's the greatest anime that's come out recently?", I almost always get the answer "Fate/Zero". Seriously?! Do people have no standards? Just because some show has thousands of dollars put into each episode to make it seem cool, doesn't mean that it will BE cool! When you compare the art and detail of Fate/Zero to Black*Rock Shooter, its clear that money does NOT mean everything. Sure, FZ might have some nice looking water and one cool song - but Black*Rock Shooter has 3D chicks fighting in some cool place - but does FZ have chicks fighting with not a lot of clothes on? No. Anyways, BRS is better than Fate/Zero. Just the fact that one of the things that happens is that some dude gets worms in his body basically seals the deal - plus, FZ was written by Gen Urobuchi - the same guy who wrote a story about a guy having sex with a young girl whos actually a monster. Getting away from comparing to to shows irrelevant - many people have compared to BRS to Madoka. Granted, there are quite a few similarities. For one, both have schoolgirls fighting in an unnatural setting and both have protagonists not knowing what the hell is going on. Otherwise, the similarities stop there. First of all, I found that Madoka had WAY too many empty moments of Madoka crying. Why should I care about a character that you don't properly develop? And the whole issue with Mami and episode 3? WHO CARES?! When I heard that people actually CRIED because of that, I facepalmed so much that my face flattened. The characters in BRS are very well developed. When people say that it seems pretentious when the girls cry because of one character crying over something insignificant - REMEMBER! These girls are only 12-15 years old! They cry over stupid things like cookies and friends becoming independent and not needing you anymore. Plus, Madoka's artstyle was ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. Really Shaft? Adding in real life objects instead of making characters 3D? Worse move in any anime studio of all time. And plus, BRS has a Hatsune Miku song for the OP. Does Madoka? Nope. Does it have chicks in skimpy clothing fighting in checkerboard land? NOPE. Do you see where I'm going with this? Black*Rock Shooter is easily the greatest anime of all time. Clannad After Story? Death Note? Gintama? Ouran High School Host Club? All trash compared to this greatness. Anyways, you have to watch this show. Drop all the anime you are watching, sit down, watch this - and cry tears of joy. These characters are some of the most realistic, likable, and developed of all time. The chemistry you will develop is fascinating. In short - greatest anime of all time.

tl;dr version: Greatest anime ever, if you don't like it - your taste in anime is terrible.