Mar 16, 2012
Tzu (All reviews)
Have you ever looked forward to something that looks appealing only to be shot down? Have you ever seen a new series not based off anything else where it's simply stand alone and thought it would be good? I had these impressions only to be gunned down at point blank.

One does not simply fail to execute new.

Yes, I took that gag straight out of Mordor but seriously though. How do you fail to execute a rare or new idea? You make something like this, I myself thought this would have been interesting but was found on the wrong end of the spectrum. Essentially what we have here are robotic hybrids pummeling non existent creatures while singing extremely poorly. The pacing of the story jumps back and forth too often. It's just another one of those hero super power themes that the average fanboy/fangirl can add to their fantasies.

An approach on the story is pretty poor, you get a glimpse of what happens from the beginning as we hear of misfortune and death. This high-tech organization forces artifacts onto young girls so they can transform into these robotic hybrids and fight the evil known as "Noise". That's the rare or new idea but its executed all wrong. The themes from the plot line like friendship and hard times are cooked over done so not even a bit of juice remains. It has a bit of government espionage but that's rubbish and over done as well.

Now the art and music are more on the flashy side and distract quite too often, so much that I'm not really paying attention to whats happening. The art style is definitely flashy with the unique transformations that occur throughout scenes. Another thing that distracts me is the horrible English lines that are spat and literally translated so it makes virtually no sense. Stick to the Japanese guys, sorry if we butcher your Japanese but now we know how you feel. Another poor thing to point out would be the singing. Almost each and every one of these girls cannot sing worth a damn and its ear grinding to hear English verses.

Now the characters are about generic as you come. The main heroines trying to save the world from evil is definitely not new by and aspect, look at things like Sailor Moon. The characters themselves almost have a shoujo-ai feeling to them and the hints are fairly obvious to anyone into the genre. The manly girl archetype isn't executed at all, they're still women even in their ancient suits of destruction. Not really any special characters that stick out in my mind.

Realistically this failed to meet my expectations because I was somewhat looking forward to it. If you like girls beating things to a pulp though you might like it better than I did.