Mar 12, 2012
Cure_For_Obscure (All reviews)
When it comes to popularity and being the talk of the student body, I wouldn't know, but when it comes to anime, video games and manga, then hey, conversation topics can never end, Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaerea ga Warui features a high school girl who's both of those characteristics, even though the former is a delusion of embarrassing proportions.
The series revolves around a shut in girl who's never actually had social interactions with anyone (Save for her friend in middle school and occasional reply when someone asks or need something from her), Kuroki Tomoko (Think of her as Konata from Lucky Star but in a more realistic sense, what Konata would actually be like in real life) is what she brings up several times, a Mojo, an unpopular unattractive girl, and takes this chance to change herself to be popular in high school and attempt to get a boyfriend, mostly through strange and unorthodox ways (From failed attempts to pretty herself, to thinking that playing an otome game makes her attractive because how it turns her on).

The series mostly operates as an episodic oddball comedy, but not to the point of being random or over the top. But rather than being an average comedy, it's more like a mirror to the reader in a sense, her actions can lead anyone reading to avoiding to look, and even groan or facepalm, especially to those who are in the deepest depths of the anime and manga fandom, but what can she do? She's always been strange and unsociable, but her actions can remind the unfavorable misfortunes of others who may have experienced her misadventures similar to their own.
However, in some ways she's not exactly someone to applaud for when her own attitude is rather uglier than she thinks her appearance is, thinking she's above everyone and cursing out anyone "normal" and wishing death among her peers in her mind, kinda makes you realize why she's unpopular in the first place.
In turn though, it's makes her character rather interesting, and a fascinating one to observe, especially in one chapter where she meets up her old friend from middle school, thinking that her friend is just like she is, she starts to feel a sense of security, only to find out that her friend has drastically changed her appearance and adapted to high school life while Kuroki is still the same as she ever was, but at least her friend hasn't changed on the inside, making Kuroki a little more inspired to change herself.

The artwork is average at best, but does a great job at showing Kuroki's emotions, but looks rather sloppy at times and kinda simple.

This manga is something I highly recommend to anyone in the anime and manga community who has ever felt like an outsider socially, Kuroki's action are cringe worthy and sometimes to the point of being disgusting, but her endeavors are interesting to watch unfold, and she will most likely be easy to relate with for good and bad, but endearing none the less.