Mar 12, 2012
christian_dsa (All reviews)
I got across this manga while looking for something new to read and after reading the synopsis I thought it would be worth reading, maybe because of its not too mainstream plot. At first I just saved it in my bookmarks and decided to read it sometime when I have the time. It stayed there for over a few months until I was having a bad night. I opened my pc and thought I'll give the manga a try..and I realized that it was a goldmine that I took for granted.


The story is a continuous struggle for all the characters especially Sei, the main character. The story is slow phased in an amazing way because it tries to capture every single moment from every situation. Although it is pretty predictable in a way where every single character has their own side story to tell, all were heartbreaks and despair but would eventually be erased by the experience and I guess, friendship they would found in the island. I rate it 10 because it relates to everyone one way or another especially on human's way of life.


The art is great, it fits the genre and the gloom that surrounds the story line. Can't say anything more about the art since I'm not an artist myself and I have so much respect for artist so applause for the author..


Somehow cliche' attitudes and life stories but at the same time unique in a way that the story tells their lives in a vivid way. The main character, Sei is so much of an average person yet with a deep mind and great skills. While the others are your typical characters that makes an awesome manga. A team leader with a lonely past, some intelligent guys, selfish trouble makers and a lonely girl with a past yet to be discovered. All in all the characters are well portrayed and detailed by the author. Anyone could relate to at least one of them which I guess is what makes a story worth reading.


I don't want to say enjoyment but as much as I would sound weird and uncomfortable to imagine, I guess it's more of the realizations that I found while reading at least 30 chapters. I cried on some parts and learned so much at the same time and for me that's enjoyment. No samurai or ninjas or kick ass martial artist but something more than those things. Something deeper and something that makes more sense.


Overall it's a manga woooooooorth reading! you'll find yourselves inside every story and inspires you in a way that you'll think deeper of how life goes. I'm too glad I found this manga and learned so much from it. For me, this is a masterpiece. Thank you and forgive my english guys. :)