Mar 10, 2012
octal9 (All reviews)
even though i've only watched two episodes of this amazing anime, i felt i had to write a review, as no one else has, also because anyone who really loves great anime should check this out...based on one of my favorite manga by osamu tezuka, this anime takes place in the sengoku period in japan - a boy name hyakkimaru's father offers up forty-eight of his body parts to demons in exchange for unlimited power and the boy is left for dead - this is the story of his quest and travels with an orphan named dororo to reclaim his body from the demons by killing all forty-eight - this anime has all the atmosphere of a great japanese ghost story - amazing and eerie, it draws you in to the dark story with amazing direction that reminds me of kurosawa's great samurai epics - the sound is also genius: great seiyuu, amazing orchestral ghostly incidental music, and an amazing and gorgeous theme song - if you love great ghost stories, samurai tales, or anything by tezuka-sama, i highly recommend checking this out if you get a chance!!!