Jun 16, 2008
tigerz (All reviews)
The second season of Ah! My Goddess is a great compliment to the first season. With more characters, more romance, and more fun episodes, this series has definitely improved.

Although the anime lacks a compelling, overarching story, I find the 1-2 episode stories to be very fun and entertaining. Each episode seems to center around a different character but shares a common thread of love and the importance of friendship and family. There are many new romantic developments that occur for side characters, but the Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship does not seem to progress as much as you would like it to. Still, there are plenty of ooh and aww moments as the new relationships are very cute.

Art and Sound
As expected, the art and sound haven't really changed much from the first season so there isn't much to add to this section.

Part of what I like about the series this time around is that they made Belldandy's character more human and imperfect. She gets drunk, her license is suspended, and she gets jealous and upset. Another plus is that they really focused more on relationships and the growth of all the side characters. For example, Otaki, Keiichi's senpai, was a very random character in season 1, but he actually shows a much softer and caring side when he gets a girlfriend.

I found this season a lot more enjoyable than the first one. With more growth, better comedy, and a lot of touching scenes, it really leaves you feeling satisfied. Without a strong storyline and many characters to depict, the anime really focuses on creating a lot of fun situations so you cannot go wrong in terms of entertainment.

Although this season doesn't really bring anything new to the table, it serves its purpose well. It is a very entertaining, light-hearted, comedy with plenty of feel good moments. I definitely recommend it to anyone who watched the first season.