Mar 4, 2012
Allografter (All reviews)
This is NOT your typical fan service perverted ecchi. Indeed, I have never watched an ecchi anime before this one and was drawn to this series because Brittney Karbowski had provided the dubbing.

The trailer and advertising does not do the show any favours and any anime fan may roll their eyes at such a ridiculous premise of a story. This would be a mistake. In reality, this excellent series is a very humourous light-hearted comedy and the true story is that of Yamada's misconception of sex and the 'first-time'. Her relentless pursuit of the harmless Kosuda as her first partner 'to break the seal' sees the development of an unlikely teenage relationship.

Yamada is a somewhat typical tsundere character and the English dubbing does her complete justice. I was so impressed with the humour, I actually read the rest of the manga and was further impressed with the quality of the story after the anime ends. It certainly whets your appetite and I hope they do a second series.

The actual nudity in the series is occasional and appropriate to the setting. It would equally fit in well with a drama or romance anime and, as mentioned, is atypical of an 'ecchi' anime. I would go so far as to say this really should be reclassified as a romantic-comedy.

Don't be put be off by the idea that this is an 'ecchi' and of the theme of Yamada's goals - the real story is something much more than this and will have you in stitches.