Jun 15, 2008
tigerz (All reviews)
Ah! My Goddess is a light-hearted, sweet, fantasy without serious romance or ecchiness. It's a great anime to watch if you are not looking for anything special but rather sit and relax to an easy viewing. As mentioned by other reviewers, I think girls will like this series more than guys because of the strong female lead and role reversals. However, those hard-core romantics who are seeking relationship development and ecchi harem loving guys should look elsewhere.

The story starts out centered around the male lead, Keiichi, who has no luck but is still kind and generous to others. When given the opportunity to have any wish granted, he wished to spend eternity with a goddess. From that point on, his whole world changed and the series slowly started to shift focus to Belldandy, his goddess.

Throughout the series, Keiichi would get into trouble and Belldandy would always bail him out. Her love for him is the heart of the entire anime. There are many cute and touching moments that stem from their relationship but not much development takes place and they never really kiss.

Art and Sound
Overall, I think the characters were very well drawn and cute. Keiichi is really put in a fortunate position with so many beautiful female characters surrounding him. The special effects are not terrible either. As for the sound, I really like the opening sound track. It sounds very scottish. As for character voices, Belldandy's voice annoyed me because she sounded very old and mother-like. This is probably because Kikuko Inoue played a lot of mother/teacher roles in other animes I watched.

Unlike a lot of romance animes, this anime revolves around the female lead, Belldandy, who is the guardian/housewife. Her character seems like a symbol for strong, modern women. She is a strong heroine with incredible powers, has a caring and nurturing personality, is irresistible to men and machines alike, and at the end of the day she is the perfect housewife. With all those amazing qualities, its no surprise that she is a goddess!

With a strong female lead, it is only natural than the male lead, Keiichi, is weak. He is a normal human who lacks special powers and suffers from an inferiority complex. However, his attractiveness comes from his unconditional love for others. He is kind, generous, and protective of everyone; even if they are strangers. And on top of all of that, his only wish was to be with the one he loves. He's the kind of guy that girls can picture their husbands to be like.

Overall, I could not give this anime a rating above average because there were very few memorable moments. For the most part, it is a forgettable series that is too similar to other romance animes, but that may be a good thing if you need a break from a harder hitting anime. I would recommend this anime to those who just have to see every romance/comedies, but for those who are looking for a new experience, this anime will not satisfy you.