Feb 29, 2012
Onidere (Manga) add (All reviews)
Blackstar_aria (All reviews)
I am not one to rain on someone’s parade but….. this manga was God-awful. Yes I did finish it after dropping it a few times, but what an awful waste of time.
I will take it that you are familiar with the story, so what you see in the first few 5 chapters essentially repeats itself through the end. Not only did the characters show no growth, but they were completely one sided. I was trying to figure if maybe I don’t fall in the target audience but there were too many sexual innuendos and too many girl on girl references /suggestive activity for a young girl audience. Young girls are the only group that would really read something that’s not worthwhile.
Romance is really non-existent, the fights are not good. The characters were not funny, and Onidere didn’t have that special something that would suck a reader into caring about its characters. The ending was a mess, it seemed like the author rushed through writing each chapter and to top it all off it seemed that the story found no resolution. I don’t suggest reading this one, there are plenty other manga choices that would be much better.
I gave it a 3 becasue the author could draw fairly decent.