Feb 28, 2012
hewhodoesnotcare (All reviews)
Hey boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen,

This is going to be my first time ever doing a review for anything! or typing up anything to the public so please dont be too hard on me.

Story: 7

Alright so lets get started with the story. Well we have a girl who is wielding one of the 10 weapon that was created by the 10 gods to destroy a demon that once cause great destruction to the world. Her partner just so happens to be this demon who happens to be good?

What makes this story a bit different from all of them is that the main male character (the so call demon) was once actually one of the gods (making him the 11th god) Dont want to talk to much and spoil the story so you guys will have to figure out what happens.

The bad part of this manga is that the story have been reuse over and over again and it seems as if I am reading the same storyline but from a different era. However this is just my opinion on this part.

Art: 8

The art is fine. (in my eyes dont know about anyone else) *note* there are some ecchi parts in this manga, (better than some manga/anime *cough* ichiban no daimaou *cough*) however those are only use to kind of give this manga some humor instead of having to see panty shots every page.

Character: 7

As i have stated above the main male protagonist have a very cliche past and characteristic (trigun, trinity blood, ichiban no daimaou-exception?) since each character were once evil but somehow turned their life around and fought for the humans/good side(?).

Enjoyment: 9

If you can get past the cliche parts of the manga this manga is actually quite fastincating. Each chapter draws you in even more as you want to find out what happen to both the main characters past and how they met up and how the got to where they are now.

Overall: 8

this manga would of been perfect had it not been for the cliche past of the protagonist/storyline where the main protagonist had some kind of disturbing past which changed his way. However it is still a great manga in its own right and it tries to be original with the whole concept of a god fight against the other gods to protect the world even if he/she is hated.

*Note to the readers of this review* How did ichiban no daimaou get animated when this manga seem to have a better storyline than that one o.0

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PS sorry for the bad typing, grammatical errors, and typos